Renovations and Intuition


Fort Langley Massage Therapy and Holistic Health & Rasayana Studio began as an imagining that became an enterprise exceeding my vision while ever expanding my entrepreneurial skill set.

One of the smarter things I’ve done in this enterprise is to surround myself with passionate and intelligent people committed to serve their community. While I am the driver of these current changes, they have manifest as the result of a consultative process.

Fort Langley Massage is adding a fourth treatment room and a proper staff rest area. To do this, we will carve space from Rasayana Studio.

In mid-December, I saw that we had 103 massage bookings in the coming week. I knew we were busy but was delightfully shocked at that number. Initially, I attributed this to the October-December rush of people using their remaining insurance coverage. However, that pace has continued into January. There are seven RMT’s and one BCST practitioners in practice now, and we are busy.

This fourth room, with the addition of another RMT, will relieve some of that pressure.

From the beginning, this was an intuitively inspired enterprise. My original plan was to merely build four treatment rooms. Adding an 800 sq ft community space was when this adventure took off.

I’ve mentioned Pam Weidenhammer before, but there is some backstory to her becoming the Rasayana Studio manager and guiding light. I barely knew Pam in the summer of 2016. I’d taken a few yoga classes with her and occasionally saw her at Euphoria Coffee. The new building process was well underway in the summer of 2016. I knew I needed help managing the studio and following an intuitive nudge asked Pam to meet, so as to fill her in on the project, and invite her to consider an interactive role as teacher/manager. In her wisdom, she said “Let me get back you”, and we know how that turned out.

Fast forward to last Friday. After Pam’s and my weekly Friday afternoon meeting, I was going to Township of Langley to submit my floor plan for the renovation. I was slightly apprehensive as this was something I’d never done. My contractor handled paperwork details with the original buildout. For this smaller project, I am the contractor.

My landlord Eric Woodward has been both supportive and practically helpful with this project, so I had much of the paperwork in order. Jennifer, Support Clerk at Permit, Licence and Inspection Services, with Township was patient with her guidance. I asked Jennifer what she needed, and she asked if I had the required three copies of my floor plan. How interesting I thought. I had gone to Staples a few days prior to make copies and when the Staples clerk asked how many copies to make the word “three” came out of my mouth. I had no idea why I ordered three and momentarily considering changing it to one, but let that second thought go. Since the floor plans are 18” x 24” I had to go to Staples for copies. I had absolutely no idea Township would need three! For sure at the time I could have scooted to Staples to make more but it was late Friday now, and this is not a self-serve photocopy item. I may have had to wait until Monday and wanted to get this application in process.

How many times have I heard this internal voice offer suggestions and blown it off? Many! Almost thirty years ago I was introduced to the notion that I could learn to intuitively handle situations that used to baffle me. I nailed it this time but add, with humility, I still find myself not listening to that “still small voice”. Listening has become my practice and as we know, the more we practise, the better we get. And, it is always a practice never a perfection!

Rasayana Studio grows and thrives offering many classes and workshops monthly. I am delighted to watch this baby grow.

The Studio will be slightly smaller than before but the teachers agree we will still have plenty of space.

We will wait for permit approval to give an official renovation date, but unofficially we hope to begin March 26 and expect it to last 10-14 days. The Studio will be closed, but Fort Langley Massage shall remain open. There will be some short-term inconvenience, but we hope you understand and embrace the big picture with us.

Close to two hundred people a week pass through our doors seeking well-being, healing and peace of mind. I am full of gratitude for the gift of providing you such a beautiful place within our beautiful community.

Kim Brandt,
Fort Langley Massage Therapy & Holistic Health
Rasayana Studio