‘Your path is beautiful and crooked, just as it should be.’

Recently in one of my classes, I shared the overlying theme ‘Everything is as it should be’. After class one of my students questioned this idea of letting things be as is (maybe stagnant or in an uncomfortable place) AND the idea of doing something to affect change. i.e. ‘making a difference’

As I pondered this short discussion, I realized that when I shared ‘Everything is as it should be’, I didn’t mean that we just give in and never hope to improve or change things for the greater good or to find growth within ourselves. There is always room for all of us to make a difference in the bigger picture – even if it’s just one tiny thing (a lot of tiny things can quickly add up to a mountain of phenomenal things!).

For me, the meaning to this theme is more about present moment awareness, especially during times of meditation or contemplation … in this moment ‘everything is as it should be’ or some might say ‘everything is in divine order’.

You could think of it as simply holding the space in each moment to experience your reality exactly as it is for you. And of course, here in this space there is a constant evolution of change – breath by breath … moment by moment … ever changing. Recognizing that in each moment something new is arising and something else has fallen away; each moment shifting and changing and evolving as if in slow motion … the important thing is that we just pay attention to ‘what is’.

All too often the mind gets in the way and tries to reject how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking – that inner dialogue or inner critic that speaks up too loud when you’re trying to be quiet (‘This is too hard’ – ‘I’ll never get it, my mind won’t stop chattering!’ – ‘Why does my neighbour have to start up his lawnmower NOW?’ – ‘Am I doing this right? I need to try harder’).

I’m suggesting that you just allow that voice to be heard. When we try to suppress our thoughts, that’s when we might feel stuck or blocked, but if we allow for our thoughts and feelings to flow freely, it’s in that allowing that we begin to feel an inner softness, perhaps it could even be described as an awakening.

In this place of allowing ‘what is’ we might begin to experience an inner quiet; where we allow the mind to wander freely, or to be still; to be critical or patient; to be distracted or centred – we might gradually begin to shine a little light on the dark places, on those places that might feel pain, numbness or contraction.

As we begin to illuminate those areas that we’ve sheltered and buried, perhaps for a very long time, this is when we might begin to notice subtle changes in our physiology, and our mind. This is when we might notice a quieting, a release, a stillness deep within. It’s from this place of deep stillness that we find the possibility for the birthing of new ideas that will indeed make a difference, first of all in our own lives, and absolutely in the bigger picture.

So in fact, by allowing things to be ‘exactly as they are’ we cultivate a garden of peace and harmony, a stillness deep within. When we come to a place of allowing things to arise and dissipate, to ebb and flow, we can embrace a deeper place of our own understanding … a loving presence.