‘Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks’ Unknown

Everything that you desire is already within you. It’s a matter of uncovering, unfurling, prodding into those deep, dark places that haven’t seen the light for a very long time. It’s about shining a breath of light into those dark and broken places.

Like squeezing the juice out of an orange – squeeze a little more and the sweet nectar is revealed – drop by irresistible drop. And then breath can be found. Breathe sweet nectar into the brokenness and rise from the darkness.

It’s a remembering … all of your life experiences, the joys and the sorrows, the good times and the oh so hard, have embroidered together a tapestry of what your life is. Everything that you need to know in your life – you already know. You already know what is required of you, it’s there, deep inside of you, intricately woven within the fabric of your being.

There’s a softening somewhere that allows for a deep trust within, a trust to surrender to the knowing and acceptance that everything we need we already have, everything we need to know we already know. That everything will be okay. It’s a remembering …

It’s all there, within your very cells – your story unfolding since the day you took your very first breath. We carry with us not only our own story, but also the story of our ancestors. There’s a song to be sung within each one of us.

As Wayne Dyer once said ‘Don’t die with your song still in you.’

You might ask yourself ‘What do I need to do?’ to find my true story, to hear my song.

Well, the answer comes in loving – in loving yourself, in treating yourself and every cell within you with tenderness and a gentle kindness. Take time with yourself in contemplation; learn to be with yourself, to enjoy time alone. Wayne Dyer ‘s wise words again “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”

It’s remembering how to deeply nurture and nourish – feeding your body and soul with all of the juicy goodness you can muster. And even living the unpleasantness, because yes it will be there – the good and the unpleasant will ebb and flow like the changing tides – the magnificent and the tragic – will find their way into your existence. But when you can choose love, let your heart crack open like a seed bursting forth, once buried in the black depths of earth, then slowly worming its way upward through the soil to find the light.

You too can find the light, just keep cracking open and bursting forth. There will be times of stagnation and feelings of disconnection and discontent, there will be times of great sorrow and sadness, there will be times of giving up or giving in, but that too shall pass because you know what to do – listen to your heart and remember.

Keep shining the light my friend. Illuminating your heart and soul, shining the light into every miniscule cell of your being – shining the light into the places that are closed off, shut tight, locked up – shining the light into your fullness, your openness. Full of remembering … Open to remembering.

Remember dear heart, all the answers are found within. Keep Trusting ~Keep Opening ~ Keep Remembering