As an advocate for Soul-integration, I understand the importance of being willing to change in order to let Soul in. Many people yearn to connect with their Soul-essence and purpose, which requires letting go of the evaluating mind and especially, outmoded beliefs and conditioning.

This is why I am particularly curious about recent Astrological news: the horoscope for Uranus in Taurus, and its synergy with the teachings of Masiandia the group-soul I channel.

In mid-May, Uranus entered Taurus, which marks a time of significant change, as well as increased intensity. With Uranus in Taurus, you can expect to feel a lot, and the further willing you are to feel and sense more, the better.

Masiandia’s greatest proponent is feel and sense more, because by feeling and sensing more, we open ourselves to our Souls. The more we open, the more at peace we are because we become at ease with discomfort; we make space for the unexpected.

Astrological experts are saying that Uranus in Taurus marks a significant planetary shift that we haven’t seen in 84 years.

For the next 7 years, it is predicted that we will experience and witness momentous change, personally and collectively.

The interplay between Uranus and Taurus is very powerful, because while Uranus rules disruption and transformation, Taurus is rooted in familiarity and resistance to change. The contrast creates intensity, and intensity is the fulcrum point between desire and manifestation. The key here is to engage with the intensity, not back away from it.

Backing away from concentrated power sets us up for control and adversity. It’s by engaging with the point of intensity that we are open to possibility.

Uranus motivates change, Taurus influences vision

My colleague Debbi Lang says Uranus forces us to move beyond our limitations. The good news is that while Uranus might shake us at first, explains Astro Butterfly, Uranus brings freedom and liberation so we can live more authentically and purposefully.

With Taurus influencing us, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives, because Taurus energy motivates commitment, heart-full engagement and beauty. With the motivation of Uranus, we now have the Universe backing us like a strong wind or current pushing us forward. In other words, less effort is required, but greater intention is a must!

How to manifest your desired outcomes by fine-tuning your energy.

I thought to share a passage from my book: Mystical Intimacy, on Spiritual Commitment, as it offers guidance that can retune and rededicate your prayerful intention and give you a tool on how to manifest your reality with spiritual commitment.

The smoothest way to arrive at any desired outcome is by ceasing to fight with the way things are. This requires a quantum leap: stepping into the reality we yearn for by building a bridge toward it from our current experience and perception. This bridge is our willingness to engage with the sacred in everything, in the mundane as well as the spectacular, in life crises or moments of wonder. The mystical journey honours the sacred mystery that resides within everything; it is a profoundly nurturing way of life that releases the old without us having to wrestle it to the ground, without us having to work so hard at shutting out the past to make way for the new. When we focus on the new – it arrives!

In my experience, calling in the grace of God and living from the heart is a long-term commitment that requires constant rededication to the things that we love and take care of. Musicians have to retune their instruments regularly, and so do we have to retune our own instruments: our body and mind, focus and intent, and our willingness to be guided.

Our whole spiritual life is in a state of constant refinement, yet so many of us expect perfection. Somehow, we believe that our instruments should always be in-tune and working optimally, to the point that as a collective we have become disconnected from nature – our own nature. We live in an artificial world dominated by the pressure to manifest exactly what we want when we want it. We have forgotten that we are infinite beings that are intrinsically part of Divinity and that what we yearn for is made manifest out of our union with spirit, not out of our expectations.

So, it is not surprising that our sense of the spiritual can be quickly absorbed by duty and responsibility, pulling us back into unease. Like any fine instrument, we go out of tune and need to readjust our frequency; we cannot expect to remain in complete harmony at all times. Ultimately, the process of fine-tuning is an exquisite interaction with self, a state of observing the self spaciously.

Masiandia: “You are each holy and magnificent instruments of the Divine, designed to express your highest purpose in both order and chaos, familiarity and utter unknown. And like an instrument, you are affected by change and need to realign constantly.

“Spiritual commitment is the willingness to return to harmony. It is a path of being-ness that accepts and honours reality as it is and simultaneously changes reality with the presence of your devotion. Your spiritual commitment is powerful medicine that has the potential to completely change reality because it is not interested in repeating the old story. Because the need for change is vital, any level of readjustment is welcomed, even a small one. And there is no need to overhaul your entire life – just as there is no need to throw away a perfectly good instrument – unless you are set on rejecting everything about yourself. You are beautiful beyond words. You are a sacred part of the whole of divinity.

“You can be like a conductor who brings out the best in all the musicians in an orchestra, by bringing out the best of your own body, mind and feelings. You can listen to your body like a conductor who is aware of each musician playing in an ensemble. Every moment within the orchestra’s musical performance is a state of being, an all-encompassing space that is ready to be shaped by the conductor and each musician. Every moment in your life, within your own inner symphony, is a field of potential awaiting your presence. You must give yourself to it entirely to activate its full potential, to conduct an incredible piece of music, a masterpiece!”


Linda Nardelli is a Spiritual Healer who offers Psycho-spiritual counselling with channeling, a unique BodySOUL Integration method. Linda is a Registered and Master Therapeutic Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. The benefit of her integrative approach is the deepening of your relationship to your whole self, and with direct channeled guidance you can go to the heart of your core-beliefs more quickly, break free from old coping mechanisms, and enhance all areas of your life.