by Caryn Boyd Diel, Caryn is a Senior Healing Tao Instructor and has been teaching Seasonal Qigong forms around the world for 20 years. 

Many of our beautiful flowing Qigong forms have been handed down from masters and today we are discovering how to balance our lives with some very simple, yet powerful meditative movements.

Qigong is moving meditation.  Lets take a look at the word; Qigong.  It is made up of two Chinese characters; Qi or Chi, meaning air, or a universal energy that permeates and flows thru everything;  the breath that we all breathe, and Gong; which represents the effort or practice of learning to interact with chi and cultivate it for healing.

Qigong is a meditative practice of moving chi through and around the body to affect balance and better health. 

There are thousands of Qigong forms, many developed specifically by individuals to heal certain ailments.  There are Martial forms of Qigong like Bone Breathing, or Bone Marrow Washing and Tan Tien Qigong which come from the Iron Shirt Tradition.  There are Spiritual forms of Qigong like Primordial Qigong and Dream practices.  The Alchemical branch of Qigong includes meditations such as the Inner Smile and 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, and Fusion of the 5 Elements.  And there are Medical Qigong forms, like the ones I learned at the Xi Yuan hospital in Bejing which balance the organs energy. (I will be teaching this form at Rasayana in May, 2018)   And there are specific forms to strengthen the Liver, like Jade Woman.

Many Qigong forms include slow meditative movements, yet the most advanced forms do not require movement, only the directing of the chi through the organs and meridians of the body, to affect balance of chi flow for optimum health.

Chi takes on many qualities.  It can be vibrant and of high quality or stagnant and charged with low level energy.  We individually live with chi that is either enlivening and in balance, in excess or deficient.  With conscious practice, observation and quiet reflection we can learn to evaluate and work with our chi level and how it flows through our bodies.

We gather chi from the air, food, water and from sleeping.  Our thoughts and emotions also affect the quality of chi.  Qigong practice teaches us to purify, cultivate, circulate, store and project chi for healing.  As we become still like the practitioners of the past we become more attuned to where we are out of flow, or out of balance.

As we move gently with Qigong, the breathing becomes deeper and the mind quiets.  The blood shifts back into a more balanced ph which allows for deeper meditation.  Life events and emotions become less intense as the body and its glands and organs find new balance and fill with the higher virtues that we were born with.

With simple and consistent practice we begin to cultivate life, and return our energy to pure source and the realm of primordial awareness.