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New Year’s Day Kundalini Yoga, Movement & Meditation 

'Yoga of Awareness' with Katharine Goodenow

Mon, January 1, 2018   3:00pm to 5:00pm

Kundalini Yoga, Movement & Meditation on New Year's Day!

Greet 2018 in a beautiful way!  Join Katharine for a Kundalini Yoga/Movement/Meditation workshop to awaken the New Year energy and raise your vibration.  An uplifting blend of Spiritual and Physical practice through Kundalini to build vitality and increase consciousness with guided movement and meditation.
All Levels Welcome! (Ages 12+)
Cost:  $35 (includes GST)

Yoga 101 Fundamentals Workshop (4 week series)

A New Year - New Beginnings. Yoga 101 Fundamentals Workshop

Saturdays January 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th 2018 I 10:30am – 11:30am

This four class series with Patricia Schmidt is designed to build confidence in a strong foundation of the ABCs of yoga postures and healthy alignment principles.

Class Focus:
– Breath work
– Alignment
– Postures
– Props & Modifications
– Proven Benefits

$80 + GST (4 week session)
Pre-registration is a must!

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**Please note minimum requirement of 8 participants

Meet me in Hard-to-Love Places

The Heart and Science of Relationship Success

Fri, January 12, 2018   7:00pm - 9:00pm

With Eric Bowers - Author, Musician and Relationship Coach

Why is it that intimate relationships – be they romantic, familial, platonic – give us the most exquisite and magical moments of our lives but also some of the most painful experiences we endure?  How can we create the relationships we long for?  In this interactive and engaging book talk, Meet Me in Hard-to-Love Places author Eric Bowers will explore these questions and their answers through his personal experience, his music, and through the lenses of Attachment Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Nonviolent Communication and The Shadow.
‘Willing to let us learn through his honest and well-earned reflections, Eric Bowers shows how to delicately, courageously and empathetically navigate the true nature of intimacy.  Whether you are in a long-term relationship and looking to evolve together, or collecting yourself before beginning again, this book offers effective and loving tools for seeing you down the path.’ Mia Kalef, DC, author of The Secret Life of Babies 
*Admission by donation – proceeds to Ishtar Transition Society, Langley*

Yoga for Anxiety  

With Sarah Domes, Sleep Coach & 500E-RYT

Fri, February 2, 2018   6:00pm to 8:30pm

Anxiety is one of your body's defence mechanisms.  Learn how to transform anxiety into presence so you can relax and enjoy life.

Gentle Yoga + Mindfulness + Nutrition + Psychology

With Sleep Coach + 500E-RYT, Sarah Domes as featured on MyYogaOnline &

Come enjoy a gentle anxiety relief yoga practice and learn:
How to turn off your mind so you can sleep more easily //
How to retrain your nervous system to be less sensitive to stress //
How to get off the internal rollercoaster and enjoy more emotional consistency //
How to use simple movement and mindfulness to transform your experience of life from anxious to calm //

Cost:  $49

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Vancouver Pranic Healing

Energy Healing Showcase

Fri, March 9, 2018   6:00pm to 8:30pm

Vancouver Pranic Healing and the healers of the Fort Langley Clinic are excited to host a FREE event, showcasing so many of the amazing techniques and teachings we use everyday!

Join us as we explore the world of subtle energies and spiritual growth.

What you will learn in this experiential workshop:
✔ Enhance your knowledge of the Chakras and energy anatomy
✔ Discover how energy affects you physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually
✔ Learn how to purge yourself from negative thoughts and energies that prevent you from becoming prosperous and successful
✔ Simple but powerful techniques to keep emotionally calm and mentally clear in stressful situations/environments
✔ Learn how to give chakra readings
✔ Learn the Basic Principles of Pranic Healing to heal yourself and others
✔ … and much more!

We will also be hosting a powerful and simple group meditation before offering 20 minute Pranic Healing treatments with a Senior Healer BY DONATION.

Everyone is welcome! We look forward to having you join us.

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Questions? Contact us at; we’re here to help!

Finding Seasonal Peace in your Heart

Fri, December 8, 2017   7:00pm - 9:00pm

Amongst the chaos of the season – how can we find peace in our hearts?

“We have all the answers within us at any given moment. But we become so familiar with the noise and activity of the world outside us that we simply do not give ourselves time to tune in and listen to our own inner wisdom.”  Kate Reardon, Naturopath

Pam & Diane invite you for an evening of warm fellowship and unity to invoke peace, quiet & restfulness in this season of busy-ness.   We will perform some gentle yoga, share simple seasonal tips and leave you feeling connected to your heart-space.

We will conclude with a luxurious & peaceful guided meditation with special guest Diane MacDonald from Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc.

We welcome everyone!

Cost:  $35


Mystical Intimacy – Entering into a conscious relationship with your spirit and human nature

Linda Nardelli, speaks about her book ‘Mystical Intimacy’

Fri, November 17, 2017   7pm - 9pm

Linda is a Therapeutic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Channeller & Intuitive Healer.  'Mystical Intimacy is so much more than a book – it is a powerful catalyst for transformational healing and spiritual awakening.'

Mystical Intimacy isn’t just for the spiritual seeker – it is for anyone who is looking to improve their life.

Linda Nardelli shares stories and experiences of intuitive healing and channelling.

In this book you will …

– Discover how every moment in your life is an opportunity to connect with your purpose and heal yourself and others.
– Heal from depression and painful childhood trauma, and restore your sense of worthiness.
– Move beyond familiar perceptions of reality into a greater sense of possibilities.
– Uncover the rich reservoir of information that your body is constantly revealing to you through sensations, symptoms, and feelings.

Admission by Donation (net proceeds to Ishtar Women’s Transition Society)

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Arm Balances with Gabriela

Sun, November 12, 2017   10am - noon

Ease yourself into arm balances with lots of step by step instruction.

Cost:  $35 + GST ($36.75)

Practicing arm balances boosts your confidence and strengthens your upper body as well as your core.  Together we’ll find the variation of the pose which it is just right for you.  You will receive personal attention and manual adjustments to adapt the poses to your body. The poses will be linked in a flowing sequence to music so that you may receive the gift of yoga – the joy of simply being as your body moves.

Spice Shakti – Empowering your kitchen with the YOGA of Ayurvedic spices

With ‘Spice Mistress’, Glynnis Osher

Fri, November 10, 2017   7pm - 9pm

An evening of aromatic spiciness with Glynnis Osher, certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, teacher, healer, published author, and visionary entrepreneur in the arts of Ayurveda and aromatherapy.

Awakening your Bliss through Aromatic Ayurveda and Aromanutrition

Experience the exhilaration of creating a sacred spice blend infused with essential oils and mantra for your divine nourishment. Mantra infuses the potent energy of aromatic spice seeds into the mind for mental harmony and liberation of the spirit. Ayurveda shows us how to incorporate sublime healing into our life through our food practices. By empowering your kitchen with sacred spices energized by seed mantras you open yourself up to receive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and delight. At the end of this workshop you will take home a spice blend to use for the month.

Admission by Donation (net proceeds to Ishtar Women’s Transition Society)

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Teaching Advanced Poses

Sun, November 5, 2017   2pm - 4pm

What are Advanced poses?

Cost:  $50

What does Advanced mean? We’ll learn what Advanced really means. AJ Yoga Instructor will also be there to work on some advanced poses with the group.

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*Continuing Education Credits: 2 BCRPA or CFES credits, 2 YA credits, 2 hr credit to GYS 200hr YTT.

For inquiries:  Contact Grove Yoga School here!

Lead by E500-RYT Gaylene Thoeny, founder of Grove Yoga School